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About Us

Premiere Couture is that place you've been looking for, where relationships are valued and real life moments are created.

It all started when a mother and daughter just wanted to help brides sort out their wedding details and then blossomed over the next twenty-five years into two best friends working together to create the best possible experience for women celebrating some of the most significant events in their lives. From the first big dance to the walk down the aisle, Laura and Rosemary understand these moments are forever imprinted on the minds of each woman who walks through their door and they are passionate about securing the best possible dress story for them all.

Planning a wedding?

Laura and Rosemary travel the country to put together a collection of dresses that will please even the choosiest shopper. From exclusive designs to the truly customizable, the bridal gown collection is second to none and with prices ranging between $600 and $2500, a truly VIP experience is accessable to everyone. But even the most beautiful gowns aren't enough if you don't have the tools to navigate this entirely new realm which is why it is the goal of every expert stylist on Team Premiere Couture to guide you with love and wisdom as you find the self-expressive gown that makes you feel simoultaneously beautiful and at home. Once you have experienced that life moment unlike any other - finding the gown you can't wait to wear on your wedding day - it's time to focus the attention on your team: mothers-of-the-day and bridesmaids. These are the meaningful relationships of your life and we will work hard to make them feel just as at home and in love with their dresses as we do yours. At Premiere Couture we love moms and maids and give them the VIP treatment they deserve including exclusive savings just for being a part of your team. We will combine the best dresses, expertise and special care to give your entire party the best dress stories ever.

Going to Prom or Homecoming?

At Premiere Couture, it's not just that the Prom and Homecoming collections are unparalleled, it's that the experience is as well. You'll be given VIP attention from expert stylists that will help you find the dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. And to make certain the special feeling lasts, we register every dress and will not knowlingly sell your dress - regardless of color - to anyone else attending your prom. And we know you'll love your experience here because we have prom shoppers come here year after year.

How about the store itself?

Even the location in the enchanting village of Cambridge, lends an air of ease and comfort. Located on Highway 12, Premiere Couture is easy to find, nestled among other great downtown shops and parking is free and ample. The boutique itself exudes an irresistable charm in what was once the local hardware store and still sports the measuring markers in the wooden floors and the Shwinn Dealer sticker on an interior window. The intimate and welcoming boutique features three large fitting rooms for brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the day and four fitting rooms for prom, homecoming and special events and are arranged to make everyone involved in the process feel special and well cared-for.